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Experience the "Lueneburger Heide" actively

Hiking / Nordic Walking / Biking

The nature park "Südheide" has a well-developed biking- and hiking network and is suitable for guests, who like to experience the nature actively.

Our hotel is situated at the hiking trail "Heidschnuckenweg", which is one of the most beautiful trails in Germany. This trail could be discovered in different sections. Do a hiking trip to the memorial stone for "Hermann Löns" (German poet) or through the juniper forest in Schmarbeck. The "Fluss-Wald-Erlebnispfad" between Hermannsburg and Poitzen is highly recommendable. Along the path, there are some information of the wood and the river "Örtze", which makes this trail also suitable for families. All hiking trails are ideal for Nordic Walking as well.

For bikers, we recommend the trail "Auf den Spuren des Postmeisters" (The tracks of the postmaster), which connects the old post offices between Celle, the Lueneburg Heath and Hamburg (ours as well). Or what about a big tour through the heath ("Große Heidetour"), on which you can see the biggest heathland in the nature park?

For the planning of your biking- and hiking tours, you can borrow maps at the reception.


The river "Örtze" runs along an interesting forest- and meadow landscape and is ideal for extentive paddling tours. You can borrow canoes and Canadian canoes at „Gabys Bootsverleih“. (Tel.: 0175 1839 691)


Nearby the hotel, there are two golf courses: The "Golfpark" in Soltau (Tel. 05191 967 6333) and the golf course „Herzogstadt“ near Celle (Tel.: 05086 395).

The "Golfpark" in Soltau has a hilly landscape with different water hazards, streams and a diversity of flora and fauna. That is why your golf outing will be a real, natural experience!

The golf course "Herzogstadt" in Celle has a strong closeness to the nature. 16 bee colonies were domiciled. Their honey can be bought at the course. Due to that, the golf club is engaged in several campaigns for the environment protection.


  1. Heidschnuckenweg
  2. Wacholderwald Schmarbeck
  3. Kieselgur-Gebiet Unterlüß
  4. Hermann-Löns-Gedenkstein
  5. Fluss-Wald-Erlebnispfad
  6. Große Heidetour im Naturpark
  7. "Golfpark" Soltau (29 km)
  8. Golfplatz "Herzogstadt bei Celle (40 km)

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